• Procurement - a fresh look at procurement; as supply costs increase, a more comprehensive approach to procurement can boost margins and fund growth.

  • Service Operations - bringing out the best in your workforce; employees, like, ustomers, respond positively to offers customized to their needs and preferences.

  • Sustained cost transformation - delivering savings that stick; too many cost-reduction efforts fall short of their goals. The leaders follow four key elements to reduce costs and keep them low.

We help companies achieve their full potential in a number of ways, working across the organization (integrated solutions) or within specific areas of performance (point solutions). 
Our integrated solutions include:
  • Performance improvement diagnostic: Change industry boundaries to redefine full potential
  • PI X-Ray: Improve in-year results through quick payback opportunities
  • Sustained cost transformations: Formulate disruptive changes in the industry's cost experience curve
  • Cash and capital management: Create cash visibility and a disciplined capital allocation process
  • Complexity management: Eliminate excess complexity to unlock value and turbocharge the organization
  • Business process redesign and Lean Six Sigma: Fundamentally redesign key business processes
  • Capability sourcing: Acquire the right capabilities from the right source, and the right shore, at the right price
Our point solutions include:
  • G&A efficiency and effectiveness: Use the back office as an accelerator to add value to the business
  • Manufacturing: Optimize the manufacturing footprint and shop-floor operations
  • Supply chain management: Make your assets sweat and build a lean and flexible supply chain
  • Service operations: Deliver the promised customer experience at the right cost across service channels
  • Procurement and supplier leadership: Find quick cash while building purchasing capabilities
  • R&D payback: Boost the ROI of research and development


Results Delivery is embedded in every SCG engagement and increases the likelihood of success. Our distinctive approach helps clients realize results consistently and predictably, and is grounded in the following guiding principles:

  • Balance ambition: Articulate a clear and compelling vision for where you’re heading—but be realistic. Senior sponsors need to be aligned and committed to the vision, understand how disruptive the change is going to be and balance the ambition with the organization’s capacity to absorb the change.
  • Mobilize leaders: Clearly define change roles, build a healthy Sponsorship Spine and solid engagement plans to motivate people to deliver the desired outcomes.
  • Change behaviors: Identify the few critical behaviors required to drive results; shift and reinforce behaviors by changing consequences and measuring progress.
  • Shape execution: Shorten your time to realization with a decision drumbeat that plans, tracks and measures progress and mitigates ongoing implementation risks. Coach the line and teams for successful delivery.
  • Extend success: Create a new source of sustainable competitive advantage by investing in new capabilities that build a repeatable model for change. Build muscles that endure and get stronger through each cycle of change.