SCG has long experience in advising on critical business decisions and hedging strategy.  We are specialists.  And experts in our specialty.  Been there, done that!  Our team of consultants includes former executives of private and public corporations who understand the specialized issues in cross asset class sectors, trading and financial markets.

Risk Assessment & Hedging Strategy
SCG professionals were educated at leading business schools and trained at some of the world's most prestigious corporations and financial institutions. This training and experience allow us to provide our clients in-depth knowledge and expertise in support of risk assessment and strategic decision-making.  We have successfully advised clients in a range of industries, including all cross asset class sectors, airlines, technology, transportation, banking, hedge funds, private equity, engineering & construction, public accounting & auditing, real estate, publishing and retailing.

Our management consulting practice provides hedge strategy assessment, trading & product strategy development, and risk management strategy support, in addition to business strategy advice.

Expertise for Decision Support
Direct industry experience in the cross asset sectors, risk management, trading, FAS 133 hedge accounting, finance, investments & funds management, and derivatives assures that our advisors can provide the insight and judgement needed for decisions on issues critical to your business success.

Financial Derivatives & Physical Commodities

SCG advisors have exceptional market experience and quantative expertise, as well as specialized knowledge in areas such as derivatives trading, finance, energy risk management, risk management systems & audits, FAS 133 derivatives hedge accounting, credit risk management, SOX and Basel II. Our market expertise covers a range of financial and commodity products such as interest rates, FX, crude oil, refined products (physicals and energy financials) including jet fuel, gasoline, and diesel, natural gas and electric power, ethanol, ag products and metals.

FAS 133 Accounting & Litigation Support
In addition to consulting services, we provide expert witnesses for litigation support for a range of specialities, including risk management, trading and FAS 133 derivative instruments accounting and hedging.

Risk Consultants & Advisors

SCG is an acknowledged leader in providing risk management services to many of the most successful corporations, including energy companies and financial institutions. We have advised on risk management issues and transactions in major markets around the globe.

Risk Controls & Compliance
Within the risk management field we provide services across the spectrum, including risk control products ranging from policies and procedures to risk audit compliance, risk analytics such as modeling, pricing & valuation, trading & hedging strategy design, complex quantitative assessment & product development, and risk management related activities, such as independent FAS 133 derivatives accounting assessments & documentation and Sarbanes Oxley advisory.  SCG is devoted to excellence in providing professional consulting services and advice on risk management.