SCG offers Venture Capital preparation and consultation services to entrepreneurs across the global in majore industry sectors. We act as your strategic consultant in the overall design and implementation of your business or new business concept. SCG focuses on angel and early stage companies across a broad spectrum of technologies. We understand that our clients are able to develop solid ideas and technologies; however, not knowing how to package and market those ideas to the venture capital community can slow growth and execution of strategic initiatives. At SCG we will assist you in packaging your business technology, or industry innovation into a coherent, strategic, focused, and professional presentation to the venture capital, angel investor, and small business financing community.


With the many VC companies in existence, you may ask, "What sets SCG's Venture Capital Consulting apart from the rest?"   The answer is simple. SCG is solidly focused on emerging markets and angel investment. We have an extensive background in across major industries and sectors in the global market place.  Industry experience combined with our knowledge of capital markets gives us a competitive advantage that we pass on to our clients that are seeking venture capital, angel investor, and small business financing.


SCG has a seven-step venture readiness process that we use to manage our client engagements. The people behind SCG have tremendous industry experience that has been developed over the last 18 years. Let's face it obtaining funding is a sales process and utilizing SCG's years of sales techniques to obtain funding is essential to our client's success. We act as a Marketing & Sales Directors that gives SCG clients exposure to venture capital financing sources once they have completed the first six steps in the venture readiness process.


  • Client Initiation: Overview and introduction to the venture readiness process.

  • Needs Assessment: In this step the venture readiness process is organized for the client and a project timeline is created. There are two levels of need assessment: the basic needs assessment is a cursory review of the most basic areas of venture readiness for the venture capital process. The advanced needs assessment is a comprehensive analysis that evaluates every mission critical area of the business to facilitate a venture business strategy as part of the venture capital process.

  • Action Plan: The action plan is a roadmap detailing the areas that require specific deliverables. Those deliverables are determined during the needs assessment.

  • Strategy Building: Creation and execution of business strategy, marketing concepts, sales strategy, financial objectives, board development, organizational structure, and strengthening industry partner relationships for the establishment of a venture business strategy.

  • Image & Content Creation: Facilitate the process of branding inclusive of marketing materials, presentation materials, logo development, web development, concept development.

  • Presentation Polishing: Because the presentation to a venture capital financing source is a critical component to success, SCG uses its resources to enhance presentation skills. Enhancement of presentation skills include tailoring content, speaking techniques, learning to read an audience,   highlight key personnel, and eloquently and accurately summarizing the business concept(s) according to the appropriate venture funding source criteria.

  • Present: When necessary, SCG can act as a resource to our clients.


Investment Strategy

SCG focuses its investments in early stage companies seeking funding amounts between the angel investor round and the venture capital round. SCG leverages the operating backgrounds and domain expertise of the management team and then direct the Team's experts in targeted, high-growth sectors that we provide under our Strategy Consulting Industries.


SCG invests in opportunities where it can act as a lead investor, and receive a meaningful equity stake with board representation and governance rights, to affect meaningful change. SCG is usually the first institutional investor in its portfolio companies and often it is the first investor. Vision Ventures works to syndicate most investments with other high-caliber venture capital firms and corporate investors.


SCG normally seeks to make initial investments of $100,000 to $1,000,000 per early stage portfolio company with the goal of obtaining a meaningful equity interest. SCG equity interest in an early stage company is normally between 15 and 30 percent of the company's equity, and its target equity interest for a particular company is normally set at a level that SCG believes will give it the voting power to employ its intensive, value-enhancing approach as well as provide return potential. On an exception basis, SCG may selectively invest in later-stage companies if the Managing Directors believe there is a strong synergy with Vision Ventures' portfolio, core competency of the Team and/or a high potential for early liquidity and attractive returns.


Exit Strategy

SCG starts with the end in mind. From the beginning of the investment, the Firm will determine key metrics used for valuing a given investment candidate and work with management to understand the exit opportunities and provide guidance that will increase the possibility of a profitable exit. As a result, Vision Ventures seeks companies with multiple likely exit scenarios. In conjunction with a financing, Vision Ventures typically studies both private and public exit scenarios to assess the likelihood and potential returns to the fund. Vision Ventures performs an analysis to identify potential acquirers and seeks to understand their motivations and acquisition track record.


Angel Investors

SCG has partnered with, and currently manages angel investor groups across the world. SCG facilitate unique, high-caliber networking and development forums for angel investors and mentors involved in early-stage investments. Our mission is to promote best practice to reduce risk in early-stage investments for the benefit of entrepreneurs, investors and the community. We provide seed and early-stage capital in the range of $100,000 to $1,000,000. Our members are entrepreneurs, CEO's, investment bankers, and business leaders who have funded and built successful companies. We mentor and coach the entrepreneurs in whom we invest, serve on their boards, provide contacts and assist with team building, strategic planning and fund raising. As management for the angel investor groups, SCG performs the following services: pre-screen of pitch presentation, administrative and scheduling, due diligence, pre-money valuations and term sheet negotiation, among others.


Debt Fund

Lending standards have become extremely stringent in this difficult economy making it nearly impossible for early stage companies to receive debt financing. Nevertheless, SCG has partnered with several global banks in creating a debt fund. The fund works by pooling lender money in order to diversify and lower the risk associated with startup companies.  For example, an early stage business seeking $100,000 in debt financing may apply for a loan from SCG. When approved for funding, SCG allows banks to syndicate the deal, each lending a portion of the total amount. Lending in this manner allows each bank to lower the risk typically associated with startup businesses, and thus lower their lending standards.


Incubator Focus

Strategy is the power of anticipating that which will or may come to be. Our firm's name communicates our core focus on forward looking, understanding markets, and strategically positioning entrepreneurs for future success. SCG's investment and management philosophy places the highest value on accurately understanding and predicting market dynamics in order to effectively prepare early stage businesses for success.


Investment Focus

SCG focuses on emerging market companies and real estate development opportunities around the globe. These companies are early stage and small businesses with the potential to grow into profit generating entities in 3-5 years. SCG candidates will receive services ranging from business plan coaching and pitch preparation to funding infusions and investor introductions.



SCG's diverse team and extensive experience allows us to think as entrepreneurs, while still analyzing your business as investors do. As we work together each entrepreneur and small business will undergo an in-depth 6 step analysis comprising:

  • Market dynamics and opportunities
  • Business plan optimization
  • Business strategy and positioning
  • Legal and intellectual property
  • Pre-money valuations and negotiation techniques
  • Investor meeting and pitch preparation


Our meticulous analysis of each venture allows us to determine their long term viability, and the investment opportunity that may exist. We have set our standards high for young businesses in order to provide the highest quality opportunities possible to our investors.



We believe in forming key alliances with promising businesses that fit our investment strategy. Partnering with SCG not only provides critical startup coaching, but also offers cash infusions to get your company up and running. SCG and it's partners make investments of $100,000-$1,000,000 in companies that have the potential to be profitable in 3-5 years. Our investments come in the form of:

  • Equity
  • Debt
  • Convertible Debt


Entrepreneur – How it Works

  • You apply and provide us with some basic information about your company's status and goals for the future.

  • We analyze your situation and determine if it would be mutually beneficial for us to pursue a partnership.

  • Once an alliance has been made, we place our full support, talent, expertise, connections, and access to funding behind your project.


Investor – How it Works

SCG has a proven track record of analyzing and vetting quality start-up and expansion stage companies and pairing them with appropriate investors who match their industry or investment interests. We understand that not all opportunities are applicable to all investors, and not all investors are appropriate for just any opportunity. Our investor managers work closely with you, continually re-establishing your appetite for certain investments, so that we present you with only the best opportunities for your investment standards.


Once we have vetted the opportunity and determined its validity according to our stringent standards, and you have made an investment, our work has just begun. We work hand in hand with our invested companies, overseeing the operations and financial management of the company, helping to ensure that the best possible outcome for that company is realized, and helping achieve higher returns for you.


If you would like to become a potential investor please provide some preliminary information so that we may assist you.