Biopharmaceutical companies face a broad set of challenges and a dynamic environment. They are pressured by increasingly sophisticated and price-sensitive customers, regulatory regimes that are more conservative than before, reduced research and development (R&D) productivity, and increased intensity in competition. Executives seeking competitive advantage, therefore, are asking a number of questions:
  • How can we sustain growth in the face of patent expirations, a dearth of blockbusters, pressures on price and reimbursement, increasing competition, and lower-cost substitutes?

  • What organizational changes should we make to thrive in the new environment?

  • How can we reduce our cost base without sacrificing critical capabilities?

  • How should we transform our commercial organizations in light of quickly evolving conditions?

  • How can we increase our payback from innovation?

  • How can we optimize supply chain and manufacturing efficiency?


SCG supports biopharmaceutical clients on all major issues facing the industry. We offer broad experience and deep expertise in key areas:

  • SCG helps clients formulate strategies and translate them into action. We work at the corporate, divisional, and business unit levels, as well as on specific products and franchises. Our reach covers both developed and emerging markets. SCG’s corporate development expertise is applied to maximizing the creation of shareholder value, as well as to opportunities in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and licensing.

  • SCG is a global leader in collaborating with clients to build higher-performing organizations. We work with clients to transform their companies, improve effectiveness, increase productivity, and build new capabilities. We also have extensive experience helping clients integrate their organizations following M&A transactions.

  • SCG works along all functions of the value chain, including R&D, commercial operations, supply chain and manufacturing, and general and administrative (G&A) concerns.

  • In R&D, we work with clients to formulate and implement winning strategies, improve productivity, and maximize the value of innovation at launch and beyond.

  • In commercial operations, we help companies optimize operations and adapt to fast-evolving market realities, enhancing the effectiveness of sales forces, improving the impact from marketing operations, optimizing pricing and go-to-market strategies for specific products, and helping develop new mechanisms and capabilities to build value across the product life cycle. 

  • In the manufacturing and supply chain areas, we help companies develop and implement optimal network and supply strategies.

  • Finally, we help companies ensure that their G&A operations are efficiently delivering as much value as possible.



Medical Devices & Technology industry encompasses a diverse set of companies, many of which are facing similar challenges. To remain competitive in a changing environment, executives need to answer a number of important questions:

  • How can we transform our sales, marketing, and pricing to achieve efficiency and competitive advantage?

  • How can we protect our pricing power in an environment where clinical differentiation is decreasing, regulation and transparency are increasing (through health technology assessments, for example), and competition is intensifying?

  • How do we optimize our portfolio of businesses and products to take advantage of growth opportunities ushered in by new technology?

  • What can we do to capture rapid-growth and low-cost production opportunities in emerging markets?

  • How can we protect our existing business—and also exploit opportunities—during an economic crisis?


SCG works with medical-technology and medical-device companies across all topics and sectors. Our experts in this sector focus on the following key areas, among others:

  • Vision and strategy address all issues related to formulating and implementing strategy, including business unit and product-specific strategy as well as corporate development.

  • Executing and driving change are hallmarks of SCG's work, and we collaborate with clients on market evaluation, target assessment, and due-diligence support. We are a leader in merger planning and postmerger integration. We help deliver results through business turnarounds and customized profitability-improvement efforts.

  • Although research and development (R&D) spending in medical technology has increased, innovation productivity is declining. SCG helps clients focus on topics such as R&D process efficiency, launch strategies, and product-life-cycle management.

  • SCG's experience with new commercial models—including those for sales force effectiveness, channel management, pricing for competitive advantage, and product-life-cycle management—is transforming clients’ commercial organizations every day. We also help clients develop growth strategies for emerging markets.

  • Efficiency in operations is critical in today's competitive medical-technologies market. SCG works extensively on supply-chain and manufacturing-network optimization, service efficiency, and asset productivity, among other topics.