Consumer products companies face a range of challenges that they must successfully navigate in today’s global economy. Specifically, organizations must answer a number of key questions in order to thrive in the current quickly changing environment:

  • How do we address commodity-cost pressures and risks?

  • How do we adjust to serve consumers’ rapidly changing tastes and adapt to shortening product life cycles?

  • What are the best ways to meet the demands of increasingly far-flung customers?

  • How can we plot a course through a consolidating retail landscape?

  • What strategies can we use to achieve growth in both developing and developed markets?


Furthermore, the leaders of these companies must also determine how to best structure and build the capabilities of their organizations. The global financial crisis has intensified these challenges across all categories worldwide and shows no signs of abating in the near future.


SCG’s Consumer Products sector focuses on four commercial categories:

  • Food, Beverage, and Household

  • Durables

  • Fashion, Luxury, and Beauty

  • Wine, Beer, and Spirits


Each of these areas is headed by a topic leader, who oversees a global network of affiliated professionals with experience in every functional area—from mergers and acquisitions to procurement, from branding to consumer insight. This network allows us to draw on specific expertise at the global, regional, and local levels.


We partner with consumer products companies to address their most important strategic, operational, and organizational issues.  Our focus on delivering lasting competitive advantage has helped our clients succeed in an increasingly challenging marketplace. SCG’s experience on thousands of projects has earned us an unparalleled reputation for insight and impact in the industry.



Retail industry has encountered a perfect storm of factors—such as changes in consumer behavior, the emergence of large and powerful rivals, excess retail-selling-space capacity, consolidated and strong suppliers, and complex sourcing—are shaping a new competitive landscape in retailing. In such an environment, leaders in the industry face a number of key questions:

  • How do we become the destination for heavy spenders in our category?

  • How do we use transactional point-of-sale and loyalty-card data to better understand consumers and better serve them?

  • How do we ensure the seamless experience across channels and formats that consumers are now demanding? 

  • How do we determine the right portfolio of products, services, formats, and locations for future growth?

  • How do we take advantage of scale while still maintaining local market relevance?

  •  How can we be as lean as possible in operations—and make the right tradeoffs between cost and revenue in areas like store labor and inventory?

  • How can we work with suppliers to reduce purchasing costs, especially in the current climate?


From customers and competitors to strategies to organization and operations, SCG’s retailing experts help clients address virtually all the key levers of performance improvement:


How can we work with suppliers to reduce purchasing costs, especially in the current climate?

environment, leaders in the industry face a number of key questions:

  • Vision & Strategy

  • Marketing & Sales

  • Execution

  • Organization & Transformation