The engineered products and project (EPP) business industry consists of companies in three sectors: aerospace and defense, project business, and machinery and components. Although the business dynamics of these organizations have inherent differences, the companies are facing an economic environment that requires them to explore many of the same strategic questions:

  • How do we assess our vulnerability to new market conditions in terms of backlog and cash position?

  • How do we choose the right pricing approach to protect margins?

  • What should we look out for when choosing the main levers to optimize operations—that is, asset productivity, strategic sourcing, industrial footprint, risk, and complexity management?

  • How do we find possible ways to profit in the current environment and position themselves for future market growth?

  • How do we determine the right involvement of suppliers in research and development (R&D), manufacturing, and services?


SCG's EPP sector consolidates our experience with companies from capital-intensive industries and their suppliers in the machinery and components field. We ensure that our clients are able to adapt to current industry challenges by leveraging our expertise in all the major EPP topics:


Operational Issues

  • Cost reduction and asset productivity

  • Transformation and turnaround

  • Risk management

  • Lean engineering and manufacturing

  • Supply chain management

  • Complexity management


Strategic Issues

  • Growth strategy

  • Strategic pricing

  • R&D and technology strategy

  • Strategic services

  • Postmerger integration

  • Talent management


SCG draws its expertise from a large network of industry experts, which includes local and regional topic leaders who provide industry and functional knowledge in their specific sectors and regions. Overall, our EPP network consists of senior partners worldwide and strategy consulting professionals at all levels.