Utilities and Alternative Energy experts at SCG help utility companies around the globe navigate today’s industry challenges—including the changing fuel mix, supply distribution and access issues, efforts to decarbonize energy generation and commodity cost volatility. We work with utilities to turn these changes into opportunities to develop their full potential, invest wisely and become more valuable.

  • Field service: Reenergizing a hidden asset - Improving field service operations is a difficult task, but it can save utilities a lot of money, increase productivity and even make customers happier.
  • Are we on the edge of a truly global gas market? - The advent of shale gas is reshaping the global energy market, challenging the existing investment assumptions of utilities and generating new opportunities.
  • Posting profits: Beyond the meter, beyond the hype - The market for smart meter-enabled services is small, but competitors from other industries are eager to bundle such services into larger "e-home" offerings

SCG has worked on hundreds of projects in the utilities and alternative energy industries in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Our clients include power generators, electric and gas utilities, multi-utility conglomerates, alternative energy providers, energy trading companies, gas storage and distribution players, fuel cell vendors, water and waste utilities, and diversified global energy leaders.

We have experience across the entire value chain, including expertise in energy generation, trading and storage, transmission, distribution and retail. Our clients also benefit from our expertise in capability areas, such as optimizing the organization, increasing efficiency of support functions and responding to deregulation.  At the corporate level, our corporate strategy work focuses on the most important sources of business value based on a keen understanding of emerging technologies as well as competitive and regulatory environments.


Our experts can help your teams:

  • Develop a corporate investment strategy
  • Evaluate market trends and their impact on utilities
  • Implement energy efficiency strategies and new business models
  • Define portfolio and international expansion strategies
  • Instill a high-performance culture and decision-driven organization throughout the business


At the business-unit level, SCG helps clients:

  • Optimize future generation mix
  • Cope with decarbonization requirements and capitalize on technology trends
  • Improve energy trading and develop storage strategies
  • Increase the operating performance in transmission and distribution, field force and other areas
  • Retain and expand their customer bases
  • Deploy assets and IT investments for maximum return
  • Expand into the right adjacencies



Energy and Environment sectors have experienced tremendous worldwide change over the past decade, and the landscape will continue to alter as new trends in economics, geopolitics, industry behavior, technology, and emissions regulations emerge.


These tectonic shifts pose both a significant threat and an opportunity for players in the energy-and-environment industry. To capitalize on these windows of opportunity, companies must ask some critical questions:
  • How do we adapt to new policy frameworks that are developing as a result of restructuring, deregulation, and corporate consolidation?

  • In light of increasing economic pressure on all facets of the energy industry, how can we improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and protect revenues and margins?

  • Should we explore growth strategies? Should we invest in areas such as large capital projects, new infrastructure needs, or new technologies to secure future energy supply in a carbon-constrained world?


SCG has developed a set of approaches and tools to help clients navigate the increasing uncertainties and complexities of the industry. In the Energy and Environment practice, we have both deep and broad project experience along all segments of the different value chains:

  • Our oil expertise bridges the primary areas in the industry, including upstream, refining, downstream operations, and retail oil products.

  • Our power-and-gas-sector know-how is built on project experience in conventional and nuclear power generation, gas midstream and liquefied natural gas, energy transmission and distribution, and energy retailing.

  • Our environmental expertise spans alternative and renewable forms of energy, carbon dioxide and emissions, and energy technology. It also includes special topics such as water and waste management.

  • Across these segments, we have a particular focus on energy trading and risk management and on regulatory affairs affecting energy and the environment.


SCG is driving innovation in key industry issues. We work collaboratively with our clients, developing concrete solutions for all types of companies:
  • Integrated international oil companies, national oil companies, upstream players, oil field service companies, refiners, petrochemical producers, and oil trading firms

  • Integrated power and gas utilities, international power producers, renewable-energy specialists, energy wholesalers and retailers, commodity traders, and infrastructure and industry service providers

  • Water utilities and waste management firms

  • Governments, regulators, industry associations, and nongovernmental organizations

  • Technology companies, original equipment manufacturers, and suppliers to the energy-and-environment industry

  • Energy-intense heavy-industry players